SpartaCraft WoodWorks

Address: 7690 Sparta Craft Drive, Connelly Springs, NC 28612
Design/Sales: 828 442 9532


Leaf Finishes

SpartaCraft has skilled artisans with expertise inĀ gold and silver leaf finishing that can be done on any custom product you may have.

Wood Finishes

SpartaCraft has long been known for our incredible furniture finishes. Our team of artisans can replicate a range of furniture finishes from contemporary high gloss finishes to old-world aged finishes with the look and feel of 100 year old furniture. We have an onsite color lab so we can offer custom color matching.

Metal Finishes

SpartaCraft can create elegant finishes on metal furniture or furniture components.

Glass Finishes

SpartaCraft can create decorative finishes on glass to provide a great accent to your furniture or cabinetry.